Lifestyle Medicine Services

Did you know that a healthy lifestyle can prevent 70% of all chronic illness? Or that about 85% of people with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes can completely reverse their illness with lifestyle changes? Lifestyle medicine is evidence-based, and it puts you in control of your journey to health.

What to expect?

Premier Candid Medical Well-being Journey (approx 3 mo)

1st Visit: Lifestyle Medicine Assessment and Recommendations

2nd Visit: First Coaching Visit

Then coaching visits ~3 times per month

At the end of 3 months a follow-up medical visit

About 9 visits in the first 3 months

We offer coaching only journeys (available internationally) and medical journeys only (available only in Oregon)

Who can benefit?

Anybody who is interested in being healthy and making some changes in their life.

Who do we support?

Kids (board certified pediatrician), Adults (board certified internist), Families

Companies, We have expertise in building thriving, high quality medical teams.

Lifestyle medicine practice is currently limited to Oregon. Coming soon is health coaching. Coaching and team medicine consults available throughout the US.

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We don't bill insurance, though some of our services may be covered by your health insurance.