Executive and Physician Well-Being

Why choose me as your Executive Physician coach?

You know the intense and often competing demands of professional success, responsibility and personal well-being. I've lived that, too. As your coach, I'll tailor a curriculum to your priorities and be your accountability partner as you create a happy, healthy life.

Where are we headed?

You provide the dreams. Your coach provides a safe, compassionate space for exploration. We have the insight and tools that help re-connect you with what is important to you and who you want to be. At the end of this Journey you will be able to identify how your choices can antagonize and support your well-being. You will know how to make decisions that fully consider your values and priorities.

How does coaching work?

You have to be ready to commit to yourself and to change. You're in charge. We meet several times per month in person at the office or via video chat. Our discussions follow an evidence-based process that produces results. We will access tools that meet your specific needs and help you thrive.

What are the logistics?

The first coaching session is 90 minutes. Follow-up coaching sessions are 30-45 minutes. Sign-up below or give me a call, text or email!

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  • New Year Special 2023: 4 visits and one Via Character Session: $1000

  • After that, pay per session or buy 3 month packages.

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