Well-being and Leadership Training

Why choose me as your Executive Physician coach?

Whether you're climbing a corporate ladder or climbing a mountain, I've been there, too. Maybe you're planning to start or transition your career. My clients are ready to make some changes and looking for a guide and accountability partner. Together we will blend well-being training with coaching as you transform yourself.

Where are we headed?

We're headed to your life of purpose and meaning. We will skill build and walk the Journey with you.

How does coaching work?

We teach you the fundamentals of well-being and hold you accountable to your goal setting. Most clients meet twice per month for the first 2-3 months, and our introduction to coaching journey is a great starting place. After that, you set your own pace. We have lots of options. See you soon!

What are the logistics?

The first coaching session is 90 minutes. Follow-up coaching sessions are 30-45 minutes. Sign-up below or give me a call, text or email!

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