Executive and Physician Well-Being

Why choose me as your Executive Physician coach?

Physician training is mostly about how to make people un-sick. I've sought out special training to teach people how to be well. Well-being is a set of habits and skills that you can learn and develop. I'm here to guide you on this Journey.

Where are we headed?

We're headed to your life of purpose and meaning. Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder, re-inventing yourself or reclaiming your dreams, we will skill build and walk the Journey with you.

How does coaching work?

You have to be ready to commit to yourself and to change. You're in charge. We meet up to several times per month in person at the office or via video. Our discussions follow an evidence-based process that produces results. We will access tools that meet your specific needs and help you thrive.

What are the logistics?

The first coaching session is 90 minutes. Follow-up coaching sessions are 30-45 minutes. Sign-up below or give me a call, text or email!

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