Lifestyle Medicine

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

In the Western world, a healthy lifestyle can prevent or treat 75% of all chronic illnesses (things like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart attacks and certain cancers). Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based field of study that promotes choices that can lead to a life without disability.

When they adopt a healthy lifestyle, I have seen my patients

get off some or all of their medications and prevent or even reverse diabetes!

What are Lifestyle Medicine office visits like?

Your first visit will be an intake visit, where we learn about your medical history and your health concerns and goals. This part will feel similar to a normal doctor's office visit, but with some additional questions and focus areas. Then we will give you our assessment of your overall health challenges and successes. We will invite you to consider our recommendations, and then you will come back to set your personal health goals.

How often will I come to the clinic?

Lifestyle changes take time. After the initial two visits, it makes sense to have medical visits about every 3 months unless we are actively changing your medications. Are you ready to power up your lifestyle changes? Combine your Lifestyle Medicine Journey with a Coaching Journey for added accountability and support along the way.

What are the logistics?

Candid Medical's Lifestyle Medicine Services are offered only to people physically located in the state of Oregon.

Visits can be in-person or via telehealth. With board certifications in both Pediatrics and Internal Medicine in addition to Lifestyle Medicine, we have the expertise to provide care to the entire family.

Candid Medical does not bill insurance, though you may be able to submit our Lifestyle Medicine services to your FSA or HSA. Candid Medical does not work with Medicare beneficiaries for Lifestyle Medicine.

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  • The initial 2 visit assessment is $500;

  • After that you can pay per visit $225 or spread the cost out with a year-long Lifestyle Medicine journey billed at $75/month.

Does Candid Medical offer Pediatric or Adult (Internal Medicine) Primary Care?

Not yet, but we want to hear from you! Add your name to the Candid Medical Primary Care wait list here!