Well-Being Coaching

It is time to take charge of your own C-Suite. We understand what it's like to pursue professional excellence and seek work-life balance. Our curriculum is tailored to you and your unique circumstances. It's time to take your performance and well-being to the next level.

Change is made in the context of relationships. Harness the power of your unique family dynamic. We help families improve their health, rally around each other, reduce anxiety and depression and improve optimism. With years of practice serving families, we create unique programs tailored to the specific needs of your family.

Teams and Small Groups

Transform your team to a high functioning team. We have a history of building successful teams.

Does your reading group want to switch things up for a while? Maybe your church youth group wants to try something different? We host small group workshops and clinics that build resilience and help people thrive.

We also proudly provide services through the Lane County Medical Society Physician Wellness Program.