Deep Dive: Strength

Discover Your Personal Character Strengths and How to Use Them for a Better Life

Find Your Strength

We all have a unique blend of character strengths. The first step is to know them. Then you call upon your strength to harness your will. This helps you thrive. And it's fun!

Join Joe Sage and a small band of brave learners as we explore our strengths and journey together. Change is made in the context of relationships!


Knowing and using your personal Character Strengths reduces stress, increases your effectiveness and improves your happiness. 


Participants will complete the Via Character Strengths Survey to learn about their character strengths. Work individually or with a group of friends or your work team!


As a member of this small group you will: 

The anticipated time commitment is 1 hour in person and approximately 30 minutes prep time per week.

The cost is $200. Sign a group of 3 or more up and it is $125 per person. Groups of 6 or more are $100 per person.


Now scheduling on demand for groups of 1 thru infinity.


Candid Medical or a place of your choosing.


You and your group will meet together with Joe Sage.